Lucky Boy

One day, Hugo will fully grow into his potential and embody the very concept of luck itself: both good and bad will be cast underneath his energy and will. This will allow Hugo to create the nigh impossible by influencing probablity, luck and misfortune in the universe. He will even be able to cover entire fields of area with this luck, making a continent or whole planet into a cursed location or filling it with blessing. As of now, he can only cast his bolts and only within his line of sight. Hugo's affect will put him on par with deities of magic and influence like Hecate, Nu, Set, Odin and Freyja.


As of now Hugo is able to manipulate all probablities and possibilities no matter the nature, or scale, or their exponential affects. Hugo is even capable of influence over the quantum of non-material realms, achieving virtually any effect of reality which — thanks to other gifts — has become fantastically impossible. He is, essentially, a manipulator of realities, even magical, supernatural and fictional realities, existing as a kind of meta magus of sorts that is inherently the majestrix of the Earth universes.