Keira is a hereditary eclectic magus who has gone unpracticed and therefore all her spells are rather subconscious at best, small manifestations of her will since her assault from her brother at 14. Keira has inherited several books of magic and though she is mostly unaccustomed to large spells, she has a diverse knowledge of spells and brews. Mostly, Keira is a hard worker, diligent and kind. She wasn't fit to be a mother, however, and has only recently started having a relationship with Hugo beyond nagging or fighting. The more independence he gets, the closer their bond grows, though she relies on him rather often now. She makes him work in the shop still on big holidays when she needs extra hands around.
Richard is gifted with intelligece and cunning after having run into a killing in the storage room of his father's bar. The enhanced brain capacity and intelligence has left him feeling rather unfulfilled save for the time he found the golden apple which extended he and Keira's lifespan briefly. After he finished his run in the military, Richard was kind of lost; he took up odd jobs here and there and got licensed as a general build contractor but work is not steady. He dabbles in recreational drugs, both using and selling, and that's as far as Hugo has ever figured out about his day to day doings. Richard did build the home they live in now, however, and redid the attic for Hugo to have a personal space when rooming with Channing was just too much.
Channing is capable of influencing all weak force of the planet at large, potentially capable of existing in the vacuums of space and influencing fundemental forces there. Channing didn't attend Safe Havens until Hugo had to go - though he'd had his gifts for years beforehand. Channing himself has one young child — four year old Charlie whose mother is a waitress that Channing fought to get full custody from. Now, Keira and Richard basically raise Charlie as Channing does ... what Channing wants, really. He's selfish and cunning, manpulative and spoiled. Even if Richard sees beyond his facades, he and Keira both give into Channing endlessly.
Baaz is Hugo's only sort-of ex thing. A closeted straight boy, rumor has it he was behind the situation that lead to Hugo's assault. It was his friends at a party they were hosting but ... Hugo just hates him now, he doesn't try to figure out anything beyond that.
The Townsends still run and operate their farm over in Kent, England — Brogdale was Shirley's maiden name and as the farm belonged to her parents, it seemed only right for them to keep the name honored as the years have gone on. Shirley was a pharmacist in her youth and Patrick wanted to be an opera singer but took over her parent's farm when they got married. Harris is following suit with the farm while Clara is engaged to a lawyer based out of New York.
The Hwang's live in New Jersey still with Judy's nail salon — Bella Star Nails — still operates in a shopping center. Victor's bar has been long-sold and he spent some time as a cab driver. Now, he pretty much lives off his retirement checks and social security, though he's taken up gambling with Judy every other weekend or so. Hugo doesn't see much of them just calls now and again.
Neon is an ancient witch recently assigned to training Hugo thanks to the nature of his ambiguous bolts and energy casting. She's long given up on her original identity and has shifted through so many lives and cultures she doesn't associate with that anymore. A fully supreme witch, Neon's mastery over spellcasting and energy sources is vast thanks to her few centuries of learning and surviving in secret.
#48962 is Hugo's twin brother, separated at birth as he was the discord to all of Hugo's fortune; when a group of scientists were trying to switch fortune with chaos halves to learn and utilize the god-sphere dimensions where most chaos forms exist, Hugo's parents gave #48962 up to them under a hex and twist that made him seem like Hugo. Four took over the dark spaces and began to grow the chaos forms on Earth, influencing and empowering them to lift them to demonic levels of influence on Earth. Hugo had to kill him while trying to undo everything Julian Kim, the chaos demon, managed to infect on Earth.
Bryce Miller the boy who runs the little crew that Baaz was part of. Hugo never really met Bryce outside of a greeting once or twice at a party but he's the one that got fed up with Hugo's "faggot" ways and got the group to assault him. When Hugo killed #48962, Bryce became the new embodiment of chaos. The danger about this grows daily but for now, Hugo's just trying not to deal with the idea. The others involved were: Wyatt Thompson, Emerson Igwe, Mateo Flores and, of course, Baaz Sediqi.