has held several careers, including but not limited to being a barrista, a dog walker, a tutor, a florist and currently, for a short time longer, a faceless camboy.


used to dream about being a race car driver. also, owning an ice cream truck that sometimes sold pizza. more realistically: he had dreams of becoming a creative director but has been told to go for something more practical.

witch marks

hugo has thirteen birth marks along his body: one beneath his eye, one against his nose, one on his right shoulder, four on his chest, three on his right thigh, two on his left calf and one on his behind.


aims to become a full on lacto-ovo vegitarian some day, maybe, but currently still a flexitarian at best. his 98% pescatarian diet is enough of a low-impact lifestyle that he's at peace with himself when he caves on some nuggets or lasagna. he's a weak kid.


he's got a basic rhinitis which keeps him a bit reactionary to dust and some dandur off pets. it's pretty random but a pill or two whenever his eyes start to itch is all that he needs to recover.


studied karate growing up, he's a blackbelt. he loves to read — neil gaiman, lev grossman, herbert yu — and has a really green thumb with a little shelf garden in his bedroom. hugo also collects 'i ♥' shirts anywhere he goes.


listens to a little bit of everything from h.e.r., chainsmokers and dua lipa to bear's den, ani difranco and lacuna coil. hugo can play some basic piano and the flute.


huge sweet tooth — massive! he loves captain crunch, fruit pebbles, anything chocolate, pecan pies, lemon cupcakes... if you give him something as a dessert, you're kind of a hero.


after having to absorb the energies of a xihu, a chaotic god-demon, his own twin and forcing influence over various tiers of gods and creation entities, hugo elevated to the probability of being an emodiment of reality itself; this gift is not his natural state however and he has since been pulling apart from it where he can, but it is unknown if it will come up again. in essence, hugo has proven capacity to be a nexus of reality itself, rather than just luck.


the newest theory to explore within his variance of gifts is the likelihood that hugo is a cosmic keystone in waiting, capable of becoming a fundemental anchor for all of existence within earth and its connective universes and dimensions. as he has already proven to be able to warp on multi-universal scales, the prospect of this notion is considerable.