Majestrix of the Immense Heaven



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heavy is the crown

For nearly 340,000 years the myth has passed down through the veins of magic. There would be one ruler of it all. A mortal born so willful and strong that they would rise to the peak of all the flow of energy in the universe and take over as the crowned jewel of if all. The gods of the time were, needless to say, disturbed; powerful entities all their own, each clammored in belief of being the one worthy of the crown. When it came clear that they were not to be anything more than their deified selves, action was taken.

Of the 180 tribes of magic on Earth at the time — the peaks of power, each of whom had several branches of magic beneath themselves — two of the mightiest of their divines were chosen. Each divine made was to make an artifact that would suffice to eventually pick a paragon that would be infused with their full essence in order to prove themselves more worthy of the crown than whomever the universe picked. Originally, each tribe had its own culture over this idea and as the words became more real — Majestrix, Realities, Universes — the culture of their belief changed.

The gods came to rest, all 360 that were involved in these pacts. Some gave up — the veins of their magic died slowly over time and faded from existence — and they came only to be replaced but the point remained for many. Two tribes was all that remained, eventually: The Vinai and the Peyar. All the pieces left in the world belong to one or the other, each waiting for a paragon to absorb and create a new enforcer for the past, just to try and do with The Majestrix what they will.

The pact has made it so only those of Earth can interfere in these battles, and only those of Earth can have a chance against the enforcers and paragons. The Majestrix itself, as an Earth-bound soul, must only use the gifts of humanity to survive against the gods who ruled the Earth. The artifacts cannot be destroyed, even after a paragon is killed.

earth artifacts accounted for: 86/327