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heavy is the crown

Hope, the last instrument of the gods, locked away in Pandora's Box; the lost truth from the old veins of magic. For all ages of creation, the truth was simple: Hope was the weapon with which to rule it all. The ultimate destruction to evil. The manifestation of power. The core of change. And so, in the prophecies of what was to come and through the blue-skinned tortures of the history of mankind, none would have anticipated the simplest of truths.

A Child of Sin, a broken boy himself, would be the long lost Love, and Hope, and Faith; the kindness forgotten.

The Immense Heaven (known in other words as supercluster that houses the Milky Way, the Rozsiah Kod, or the dimension that houses the universes that house Xor Iinek, Earth and the Nous Vasilli) has been harvested, time and time again, by the tyrants of sky and soil. They, ancients of pain and anguish, built their ways and enforced them. In their infinite scales, all was ever in contest: The Straz against The Paragons, the Xihu against the Suigu, The Rulers against The Poor, Heaven against Hell. The game was cast long before the first living beings stepped foot on the land, from when there was only darkness and those that danced within it.

So, Pain would always be the source of true power. Anguish. Empathy. Sacrifice. From blood letting to martyrdom, pain would manifest back a power that would nearly rival magic, time and time again. But when Hugo Hwang, a child of Pain itself, a harvester of sky, soil, sea and soul, was broken open and chose to love instead of succumb to the role of blue-scarred darkness, the game changed. Hope was not only found — it was proven to be renewed, eternally. A wellspring of goodness, of brightness and of light. Now, Hugo manifests as the foundational source of every power in creation: not just a conceptual being, but the conceptual compass himself, the alteration of reality up to and inclusive of those that rule, should only he be willing to open his own heart up to let hope out.

Through this, Hugo manifests dynamic influence over all universes, all species, all planets, all creation. He can absorb pain from any source and create new from it: new laws, new gifts, new foundational truths for all of creation. No ache is too small and no threat is too great. By taking on this Pain, Hugo awakens new truths to his own dynamic existence as well: forms that marvel and reveal the truth of his infinite power within any standards of vision, understanding or acceptance, as well as the creation of guardian creatures of magic and raw force. Together, with his creation of new wellsprings of magic and witches where he wanders, Hugo is a moving thrall of ultimate reinvention, limited only by what he chooses to open up to and understand.

Hope, made into Pandora's Box, rather than locked away inside of it. Love, inside of it, waiting to become everything, for everyone, everywhere.

As a side effect to learning and wanting to share so much, Hugo may manifest his theoretical Pain as tangible, feasible tools and then share this ability with others. By virtue of this gift, Hugo creates new representatives of himself and his authority, essentially allowing a mandate of authority unto those he gives access to Pain to. He has a habit of referring to these manifestations as Crowns or Armaments, on occasion, all referring to the same thing. Their manifested forms are found with #painmanifested.